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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at a Counselling Session?

You will always see the same Counsellor. With them, you will explore your feelings and expectations in a safe and confidential environment.

You may see a counsellor in training. Some of our counsellors are already experienced qualified counsellors who are now doing additional training with us. All counsellors in training are externally assessed and deemed competent to see couples.

How long do sessions last & how often will we have to come?

Each session will last about an hour. You may need only one appointment, but about six is the average. Your counsellor will agree a plan with you which can be reviewed regularly. You will normally know when you are ready to finish counselling, and we encourage you to address this with your counsellor within a session. There will be no pressure on you to continue, as you have the deciding say on what you need.

What happens if I meet my counsellor, by chance, in public?

Should you happen to meet your counsellor outside of counselling, they will not greet you, as privacy and confidentiality are paramount. If you acknowledge them openly they will respond in an appropriate manner.

How can Counselling help us?

Working with a Counsellor gives you, and your partner a chance to think about what you can do to change your situation for the better.

It can help you communicate more effectively with your partner and other family members.

Counselling can put things into perspective, help you learn how to deal with difficult situations and restore balance to your family life.

Counselling helps you to take time out from your situation and see it from a fresh perspective.

Counselling can give you an opportunity to explore complex and difficult issues that may seem overwhelming and too much to cope with on your own.

What if we decide to split up anyway?

Counselling can help you understand what has happened. It can make it possible to move forward at the end of a relationship, and so help you make better relationships in the future.

If you have children you can gain a better understanding of your continuing joint roles as parents.

What about the effects on our children?

Children are always affected by their parents relationship difficulties. About a third of all calls to Childline are from children with worries about their parents.

Problems resulting from family breakdown are caused when relationships end with hostility, without talking through the situation.

People often need help and support to manage the process of family change. Click here for more information of how Family Mediation Argyll & Bute may help, if a relationship does end.