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    We can help both individuals and couples, you do not have to be in a relationship to seek our help. You may be married, single, living together or apart, in opposite or same sex relationships. All that is required is a readiness to explore the difficulties you are experiencing. Counselling is a confidential process where you will be helped to explore your difficulties in a safe and neutral setting. Our counsellors will be direct and realistic in helping you as an individual or as a couple, address your challenges and problems. They are trained in couple dynamics and give non-judgmental & equal attention to the perspectives of both partners.  Anyone over the age of sixteen can make an appointment. We see both couples and individuals. You may be married, living together, in a same sex relationship, separated, divorced or single.
  • Face to Face  
    We have limited counsellor availability for face to face counselling except in Oban.  From June 2024 we will be able to offer a greater number of face to face appointments in Oban. 
  • Online & Telephone
    It may be difficult to visit one of our counselling locations in person if you live some distance away, are living on the islands, or your circumstances prevent you from travelling to see us. Telephone or Skype/Zoom/FaceTime Counselling can be especially useful as you can remain at home when receiving it. It also offers the possibility of both partners joining in from different locations. Sometimes clients will see a counsellor for an initial face-to-face session and then carry on with telephone or Skype sessions, but this is not essential. A rapport is soon established, and counselling is just as successful when carried out remotely.


  • Prostate Cancer UK
    Relationships Scotland works in partnership with Prostate Cancer UK  to provide free counselling for men, their partners and family members affected by prostate cancer. A diagnosis can have a huge impact on relationships. We can help you work through your feelings. You do not have to be referred by your GP, and can ask us directly for this service, which is free by calling us on 0300 111 0031 and letting us know you would like to see counsellor as part of this scheme.

  • Future Pathways Relationships Scoland provides relationship counselling for adult care abuse survivors who were victims of historical abuse in a care setting in Scotland as children. Referals can be made via Future Pathways at or our via Relationships Scotland's National Office at 0345 119 2020  


We provide counselling in Argyll on behalf of Relate who have contracts with the following organisations:

  • RAF If you are serving with the RAF you and your family will be entitled to free counselling. Call Relate's dedicated RAF helpline on 01302 347476, and you will be referred to us to begin counselling.

  • ROYAL NAVY & ROYAL MARINE CORP: Serving members, veterans and family members are entitled to up to six free counselling sessions. Call Relate's dedicated RNRMC helpline on 01302 380279, and you will be referred to us to begin counselling

  • SEAFARERS UK If you work on any commercial boat such as a ferry, fishing boat, commercial charter in any capacity which includes non-maritime jobs such as on-board hospitality/catering etc you are eligible for up to 6 free appointments for counselling.  Close relatives and ex-employees are also eligible. Call 0800 160 1842 and ask for Relate counsellling, or email and your enquiry will be passed to us.

  • BANK WORKERS: If you work within the Banking Sector, you and your dependents are entitled to free counselling via the bank workers charity, or call 0800 023 4834 and ask for Relate Counselling. Your enquiry will then be passed to us.

  • CIVIL SERVANTS: If you are a current, former or retired Civil Servant (eg a Forestry Commission employee), you are entitled to free relationship counselling via the Charity for Civil Servants. Call Relate's helpline on 0800 056 2424  and your enquiry will be passed to us.

  • GROCERY TRADE: If you have worked in the Grocery Trade for more than five years you may be entitled to free counselling via and you will be referred to us to us.

  • RETAIL TRUST: Provides free counselling for those employed in large retail sector organisations or chains. The Retail Trust helpline is on 0808 801 0808

  • LICENCED TRADE: Provides free counselling for anyone involved in producing, transporting, selling and serving alcohol including office staff, cleaners,chefs etc within those industries, but does not cover Hotel staff. The Licenced Trade helpline is on 0808 801 0550.

  • CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION: Free counselling is available for all chartered accountants and their direct dependnets. Referals are made via Relate on 0800 160 1842.


As we are a “not for profit” organisation and we do not charge set fees. We provide a professional service, which involves considerable outlay to maintain our high standard of service. We receive some funding from the Scottish Government but none from the NHS. We ask our clients to contribute towards the cost of the service they receive from us. We give all our clients written guidance, before counselling starts, to help them decide what they can reasonably contribute

You will not be excluded from receiving counselling if you are unable to contribute.

Our appointment coordinator and counsellors are all at ease with discussing contributions and will be able to advise you if you are unsure.


Our Counsellors are bound by a duty of confidentiality. Nothing learned from a client, during counselling, can be passed on outside the service, unless there is a clear legal duty to do so. All non-counselling workers and volunteers are also bound by the same duty of confidentiality. The fact that you have contacted us will not be passed on outside our organisation.

What our Clients Say...

“...The support provided by our counsellor was great. She helped us individually and most of all as a couple. It had a massive positive impact on our family life. Would thoroughly recommend this service... ”

“...I would like to say a very big thank-you to [counsellor] and to have such a great support from [appointment coordinator] whom we could turn to, who listened to us, and who was non-judgemental. It helped us get through one of the most frightening and upsetting times in our lives. Forever grateful to your service...”.

“...This has been one of the best things we have ever done! We embraced the whole process. We cannot recommend it enough. Just wonderful! What a difference!…"

“… Our counselling has helped us overcome so many issues we had, and it has made our relationship far more stronger. Thank you..."

"...(counsellor) has been instrumental to our further understanding of each other. It has really helped and I could not recommend the process enough. We were unaware we already had the answers and we were guided through what was a difficult time. We thought (counsellor) was absolutely brilliant and can't thank her enough..."

"... I wanted to thank you for this fantastic service. We have already made big steps forward which we couldn't have done without your support...."

"...after all the stress and heartache we both opened up so much and have continued to share about everything...our marriage is getting the re-start that it needed. Thank you so much for this invaluable service...."

"...Its helped us communicate and work through a lot of pain in our relationship. Its been hard work but ultimately healing..."

"...A very positive experience which has made a real difference - thank you..."